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Charlene Murphy

Charlene is not a stranger to anyone in the Irish streetdance scene, her dancing journey started at 12 years old when she joined disco dancing, she then moved to London when she was 18 and enrolled in dance college. Charlene lived in London for 5 and a half years and danced in all the top night clubs and was part of a Hip Hop Crew in London, who were sponsored by L.A Gear and Red Bull, The dance crew also toured the UK. When Charlene returned to Belfast she opened up the very first Hip Hop Dance School in Northern Ireland - Xplosiv which she ran for 15 years. Charlene and Xplosiv won many Irish Championships and her crew was the very first to represent Ireland in the World Hip Hop Championships in LA! With such an extensive inspiring background, Charlene now judges dance competitions which she is so grateful for as her love and passion for dance is so strong and she loves watching a persons progress through dance, in her words "it genuinely lifts my soul, Dancing is how I express myself and I used to be told I tell a story when I danced and that's it, no matter your talent or level of dance, if you do it with your soul and heart you will light up and shine bright like a diamond". Charlene has also won a lifetime achievement award for Hip Hop and is definitely a HUGE inspiration to every dancer in Ireland! 

We are super lucky to have the honour to have Charlene on board as our official head judge! 

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